The 10 essential

There is a direct correlation between a sculler’s boat handling skills and their speed. Confidently backing down on to the stake-boat and getting quickly attached at the start of a race is an obvious example. But also having all the boat handling skills is confidence boosting to be safe on the river, and handle a variety of tricky situations. Below is the list of the 10 ESSENTIAL covered on the Programme.

You can use this as a self-check to assess your current skills and chart your progress.

‘Competent’ means you can execute the skills, but still have to think about it consciously

‘Skilled’ means you have reached a level where it is easy and natural.


1. Getting in and out of the boat safely    
2. Getting away from the landing, onto the landing,
incl. reverse landing
3. Not falling in, balance and confidence exercises
1 scull balance; 1 scull support; stand up, rigger dips
4. Backing down – conventional and unconventional/getting onto the stake-boat    
5. Spinning around incl. using full slide    
6. Avoiding collisions, seeing behind you, spotting for another    
7. Steering – reach, finish, off one foot; straight course; big bend    
8. Emergency stop – 2 methods, plus letting one blade go away    
9. Self-rescue after capsize; buddy rescue    
10. Handling the scull in strong stream and tide, ferry glide