Stable to Fine Scull


A short programme of 4 sessions to build the skills and confidence to transition into a fine scull.

We start ‘with the end in mind’ practising the boat handling skills, and working on sound sculling technique. Using a stable scull means that the balance and confidence drills can be approached positively, as can the drills to learn good technique for each part of the stroke.

Individuals transition into a fine scull as soon as they are ready, and then practice the same boat handling skills and drills, they are already familiar with. ‘Confidence building’, ensuring that the first experience of a fine scull is positive and enjoyable.

SESSION 1: Boat handling, safety and balance

SESSION 2: The Basic Sculling Action (The Drive and Release)

SESSION 3: The Basic Sculling Action (The Recovery and Catch)

SESSION 4: Transitioning to a Fine Scull