Joint sculling camp

This Joint camp ran over 2 week-ends, (30th/31st March and 13th/14th April 2019) with a 2 week gap in between.

The River Wear – Durham

The 1st weekend at Durham, the 2nd week end at Lakeland. With a maximum of 12 places:-

6 for Lakeland members

6 for DARC members).

Derwent water – Lakeland

Who is it aimed at?

Crew scullers who want to improve their ‘boat-moving’ skills by learning to single

Self-taught scullers who want to follow a structured programme to improve their technique

Scullers new to a fine single (but who have at least sat in a fine single a couple of times)

Coaches: Simon Bamforth and Stefan Escreet of Lakeland, Andy Jaggard of DurhamO

What’s the objective? By the end of the programme you will have the knowledge, understanding and awareness to scull reasonably safely (no-one is completely safe) with a buddy on a busy river (for example the Wear in Durham). You will know the recommended drills to improve and refine ‘the parts of the stroke’

Programme Content : Boat handling skills (see the 10 essential); The 5 parts of the stroke with recommended drills; ‘Flow’ sculling.

Approach: Demos and explanations immediately followed by practice; Starting with the parts of the stroke progressing into ‘flow’ sculling; Notes, drills, and videos as follow-up to read/watch following each session; Use of sculling simulatoar and video feedback and analysis.

A Typical Session: Sculls on the landing, explanation and demos of this session’s content. Typically includes 1 or 2 boat handling skills (for example emergency stop and 1 blade away’) then focus on 1 of the 5 ‘parts of the stroke’ for example ‘the recovery’.. Then paddle as a group practising the drills.

Different formats: The Programme involves around 10 x 2 1/2 hour sessions. We have run programmes with a once weekly session, and intensive programmes. This year we will run this Joint Sculling Camp format at these 2 venues – The Wear in Durham City and Lakeland on Derwent water with 5 sessions on each of the 2 week-end sculling camps, with a 2 week gap in between for 2 or 3 of your own practice sessions.

Two venues: Durham and Lakeland offer very different venues and opportunities; Durham – great indoor training facilities including sculling simulatoar, sheltered water – excellent for starting out in the single; narrow and winding requiring good steering; Lakeland – beautiful open water, more exposed, but brilliant for longer pieces to practice technique , ‘flow’ and steady state paddling.

Singles: Each club is providing some club singles for participants. We recommend that you have at least a couple of sessions in the single that you book, and ideally have a coach look at you in the single, to see that it is suitable and help to set it up for you – before the 1st Camp.

Website: This website  will be ‘live’ for the camps, with resources, such as, recommended drills, ‘how to’ videos, and ultimately video analysis of your sculling.

How do I apply? email me – Andy Jaggard at so you can decide if it is suitable for you. Then to apply, email me with some brief information on:- your sculling experience; what you want from the camp; offer of taking a role, as above, or other help. Priority will be given to people who can take part in both weekends, can host a Lakeland sculler, and can help out in some way.