Intermediate Sculling Programme

Who is it aimed at?

Someone who has at least sculled in a fine single 2 or 3 times

A crew sculler who wants to develop confidence in the single and enhanced boat-moving ability

A self-taught sculler who want to go back to basics to improve their technique and boat handling skills

2 day ‘intensive’ for Daytime Masters – August 2018

What’s the objective?

By the end of the programme you will have the knowledge, understanding and awareness to scull reasonably safely (no-one is completely safe) alone on a busy river (for example the Wear in Durham)

You will know the recommended drills to improve and refine ‘the parts of the stroke’

Programme Content

Boat handling skills (see the 10 essential)

The 5 parts of the stroke with recommended drills

‘Flow’ sculling


Demos and explanations immediately followed by practice

Starting with the parts of the stroke progressing into ‘flow’ sculling

Notes, drills, and videos as follow-up to read/watch following each session

Use of sculling simulatoar and video feedback and analysis

A Typical Session

Sculls on the landing, explanation and demos of this session’s content. Typically includes 1 or 2 boat handling skills (for example emergency stop and 1 blade away’) then focus on 1 of the 5 ‘parts of the stroke’ for example ‘the recovery’.. Then paddle as a group practising the drills.

Different formats

The Programme involves 10 x 3 hour sessions. We have run programmes with 1 session a week and Intensive programmes over 3 days with 3 sessions per day. Both have pros and cons. Having separate individual time to practice skills and drills is also important. This year we will trial a Joint Sculling Camp format at 2 very different venues. 2 week-end sculling camps with a 3 week gap in between to practice.

How do I apply

Talk to me/email me. Then register your interest by signing in to the website and complete the 1 pager of your experience level and aspirations