Intermediate 2 – from proficiency to faster sculling

Who is it aimed at?

Proficient single scullers (you should be reasonably confident to scull alone or with a buddy, in a fine single, in safe conditions – * see boat-handling skills). The programme is also suitable for more experienced scullers who have already raced. You need to have the desire to improve your technique and speed, in order to improve your crew sculling skills and/or to race in the single

Programme format

Run over 2 or 3 weekends between July and September 2019 at 3 different venues in the North of England with between 6 and 8 single scullers (all dates & venues still to be agreed). The programme will be flexible to meet the needs of the group and of the individual scullers but see the indicative description


The very different venues will include narrow, ‘bendy’, sheltered waters and open waters … providing different training opportunities and different conditions for fast sculling. The small group size will encourage open discussion, support, and practice with other participants. These are some of the core components of the programme:

Main elements:

  • free sculling with video analysis to self-assess current sculling technique and goals
  • sculling simulatoar to identify and work on individual priorities
  • understanding and then practising the key technical elements of each part of the stroke for faster sculling
  • drills to consolidate key technical improvements for individuals
  • steady state sculling for efficiency, ‘distance per stroke’, and relaxed focus
  • sculling for flow and shell run
  • steering techniques, awareness, and practice; how to prepare to navigate/race different courses
  • ‘mental resilience’ – discussion and strategies


  • ‘battle paddling’ – (alongside paddling at low rates working on efficiency)
  • ‘leapfrogging’ – (combination of steering and sprinting intervals)
  • racing starts
  • getting onto the stake-boat confidently
  • race plans for regatta and head races
  • practice of racing different courses under simulated conditions
  • benchmark time trials over sprint and longer distances

Resources & costs

A small charge of £2/3 per session based on around 10 – 12 sessions to cover use of resources such as simulatoar; website; go pro + any venue costs; Travel and accommodation on self-help, shared, or exchange basis.

*see ‘the 10 essential’ , on this website, for boat handling skills