My videos – drills

Drills are a great way of focusing on one part of the stroke, striving for good technique in that ‘part’, and then consolidating the change into your sculling. Below you’ll find a range of mySS and you tube videos with demos and explanations.

Drive drill (ABC)

Release drill

Catch drill (Catch itself)

Catch drill (roll ups)

Catch drill (slow mo connect)

Catch drill (back down to catch)

ABC of a Powerful Drive – Perfecting your Rowing – rowingwithcalmwaters

How to get back into your scull after flipping – rowingwithcalmwaters

Recovery to catch – How to Position Your Hands – rowingwithcalmwaters

Recovery to Catch 2: Body & Blade Preparation – rowingwithcalmwaters

Rowing Catch Timing – Nick Garratt

A splash analysis of the rowing catch – what it looks like

Sculling AVI – Nick Garratt

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