Coaches – Andy Jaggard; Stefan Escreet

With Moira – splendid weather in Southern Ireland!

“With a few videos now online I need to apologise for my somewhat unorthodox and crooked sculling style. Self-taught, right over left, plus a few accidents ..  a broken shoulder and one bent elbow complete the picture”

Andy started coxing and sculling, at King Edward 6th Grammar School in Stratford-upon-Avon, where he was Captain of Boats. At Durham University he coxed the University 1st 4, competing at Henley Royal Regatta. As he outgrew the cox’s seat he concentrated on rowing and sculling, while occasionally coxing ‘the City’ in head to head eights showdowns with the University.

World Masters in Bled, Slovenia, September 2017
.. a very lovely place to scull

After a 20 year break Andy returned to Durham and resumed rowing and sculling as a ‘Master’. In the last fifteen years, he has competed regularly at National Masters, Henley Masters, and World Masters, winning four silver medals at Nationals, one as the stroke of a four, one in double sculls, and two in ‘Championship’ single sculls.

In 2013 Andy and his partner, John Lund were Champions at Henley Masters Regatta in double sculls, Andy also came 2nd in the single scull at the World Masters on Lake Varese in Italy, that year. In 2017 he was 2nd in the single scull at the World Masters in Bled, Slovenia. In 2018 he was runner up in the single at Henley Masters Regatta.

Durham Small Boats Head, February 2019 .. a very cold place to scull

Andy competes regularly in the North-East at Regattas, in the ‘Long Distance Sculling’ Series, and other Head races.

Andy coaches masters mens and womens quads at Durham and runs single sculling programmes at different levels:-

Stable to Fine (objective – be confident in a fine scull after 4 sessions)

Intermediate scullers.(objective – develop confidence/competence in a fine scull – 10 sessions (intensive or over 3 months with extra practice sessions)

Racing Single Scullers Club (objective – for scullers who aspire to race to develop confidence and support group, in order to race at heads and regattas)

Stefan Escreet

Stefan rowed (sweep) at school.  Then they invented mobile phones and the internet.  He joined LRC about 4 years ago and has really appreciated the support and coaching from within the membership – he has learned to scull and enjoyed it so much he got his own bargain basement single a year ago.  He attended the excellent Tyne Masters Singles camp in 2018 and will be going again this year. Stefan has raced in the single at Hollingworth Lake and Durham. He has been thrilled to be part of a masters 4x- squad at LRC and enjoys drinking his cocoa from the pot they won at the last Rutherford Head. Stefan was a participant in last year’s joint sculling camp with Durham ARC and is looking forward to assisting Andy Jaggard this time.